Osho’s Story on Where is God?

’One fish got frustrated listening to the word ‘sea’repeatedly. Then she went to the queen of the fishes and asked. “I have been hearing to the word ‘sea’ for many years. What is this sea? Where is it?

Then queen of the fishes replied. “Your birth is in sea. Your life is in the sea. That is your world. Sea is where you live and stay, sea is in your inside and outside. Your birth is in sea and your end is also in sea. Sea is revolving around you.”

God is present inside and outside of everybody. We are not realizing it. That is why he is not appearing to us. Likewise

A gentleman was searching for something on a roadside seriously. Soon, some people joined one after the other and started searching to help him. After a while one among them asked the gentleman- “What are you searching for?” He replied “I am searching for the key I lost.

Again people started searching for the key. Minutes passed but no use.

One of them asked the man, “Where have you lost your key?” The man replied. “I don’t know”. “Why are you searching here?”.

“Because, here is light?”

Search for the key where you lost. Many a time we do the same.

Even we see God in just worshipping places forgetting that God is everywhere.


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