English Grammar – Past Perfect Tense

The formula for past perfect (Positive) is Subject +Aux. Verb (had) + V3.

It doesn’t matter whether the subject is singular or plural. Formula is same.

Conjugation of the verb is “write”.

For “write” past participle (V3) is “written”.

Negative Interrogative
I had written. I had not written. Had I written?
We had written. We had not written. Had we written?
You had written. You had not written. Had you written?
He had written. He had not written. Had he written?
She had written. She had not written. Had she written?
It had written. It had not written. Had it written?
They had written. They had not written. Had they written?
  •  This Tense is used to express an action which was completed long ago.

Example :

  1. They had established their company before 2012.
  2. He had not eaten at that restaurant before today.
  • Another time to use the past perfect is when you are expressing a condition and a result:

Example :

  1. If I had woken up earlier this morning, I would have gone for a morning walk.
  • If we need to express two simple actions of the past in one sentence, we must remember that the action which happen first has to be in past perfect tense and the second action has to be in simple past tense by using conjunction ‘after’ or ‘before’.


  1. The train had left before I reached the station.
  2. After I had used the mobile phone I paid the bill.


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