A Problem or an Opportunity | Perspective


After completion of his graduation a young man was in search of a job. He could not get a job for few years and almost ready to give up. Finally, he could succeed in getting a job as a Reporter. With many expectations and subtle fear he went to the office and joined.

The chief editor invited him and gave an assignment. ‘Today, you know is an important day for ‘us’ as whole country is celebrating Independence Day. A naval ship is docked at harbor in our nearby city and Navy officials are celebrating Independence Day on that vessel. Go there to cover that as a news item for our daily news paper.

First appointment, First day, First responsibility.

He went to the harbor in high spirits to cover the celebrations that are planned. By evening all his other fellow reporters who have been to different places like Court, Governor’s office, University, Legislative assembly etc. have come and gathered in a hall at their main office and started giving finishing touches to their respective news. The new reporter was sitting idle without doing anything. One of his fellow reporters inquired him gently, “Why aren’t you preparing your report to submit?”

“It’s all my misfortune! When I tried to sell flour, a high wind blew, when I tried to sell sugar it rained cats and dogs. The editor asked me to capture Independence Day celebrations on the navy ship. No celebrations took place on that ship.” The new reporter lamented. “Why so”?  Colleague pursued the matter.

He disclosed the matter. “There was a big hole at the bottom of the ship. Officials who came there were busy in the preparations; so, none of them noticed. Only when so much of water had entered into the ship, someone noticed it. And there after all were busy fixing the problem. How on earth could they celebrate Independence Day? Asked the new(s) reporter unhappily.

His colleague was so excited. He exclaimed “My God! That news should come on front page next day.” And rushed out to get further information on that mishap.

– A problem or an Opportunity? Perspective matters. Where we stand determines what we see.

– If we change the way we look at things, things we look at change.


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