English Grammar – Present Perfect Tense

In this tense the third form of the verb past participle (V3) is used.

Auxiliary verbs used in this tense: Have & has

The formula for present perfect (Positive) is Subject +Auxiliary Verb + V3 (Past Participle Form).

For “write” past participle is “written”.

Positive                           Negative                        Interrogative
I have written. I have not written. Have I written?
We have written. We have not written. Have we written?
You have written. You have not written. Have you written?
He has written. He has not written. Has he written?
She has written. She has not written. Has she written?
It has written. It has not written. Has it written?
They have written. They have not written. Have they written?

This Tense is used to express an action which is over just now or completed recently. But time of the action not stated. A past and completed action and time not stated.

  • We have seen the movie.
  • He has left the place.

Action starting in the past and continuing till now

  • They  have seen 7 movies so far, this year.
  • My car has covered fifteen thousand kilometers till now.

Action that has taken place just now, using the just/ just now etc.

  • They have come back from the college just now.
  • She has just finished her meals.

Present perfect tense can also be used in interrogative sentences using “Already” and “Yet”.

  • Hasn’t he finished yet?
  • Why have you gone already?

yet” is used in negative sentences to mean that something is expected to happen.

  • They haven’t finished it yet.

Note: present perfect tense should not be used to express time of action.


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